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About Us?

Fundación Triada is a not-for-profit organization specialized in the proper treatment and rehabilitation of people with neurological disability, as well as their families, that was conceived through the needs of Jaime Chiriboga, who became quadriplegic after an accident; Maria Isabel Ortiz and her younger daughter, Sara, who lives with neurological disorders, and Freddy Hernandez, physiotherapist.

The idea that started it all was to build an integral therapy center for people with neurological disorders, where every user had everything they needed for their correct rehabilitation, available in one adequate place and working with top level professionals.

Since it was only an idea, our goal was clear: to provide attention and treatment to people with neurological disorders without regards of age, condition or economical situation. On December 2011 the dream came true and Fundación Triada saw the light with just 5 patients and 4 professional therapists, wich, to our joy, keep multiplying year after year.

Today, thanks to particular and business donations, the professional staff at Fundación Triada provide more that 1500 therapy sessions each month.



Quality Services








Our facilities are fully adapted for the free movement of people with reduced mobility, which guarantees free access to each specialized therapeutic area.

In addition to the importance of an inclusive infrastructure, we have a warm, friendly, professional and positive energetic; necessary ingredients for the correct treatment and improvement of our users.



Improve the quality of life of people with neurological disabilities and their families, through an integrated and specialized treatment.



Be nation-wide leaders in Therapeutic Rehabilitation, focused on people who have neurological disorders.

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