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What do we do?

Physical Therapy

It helps patients achieve optimal movement development that allows them a greater degree of independence. Through different methods, it also corrects problems of posture, tone, strength, preventing skeletal, muscular and joint disorders.

We have all the necessary facilities and equipment to work mobility, posture and walking, achieved through increasing strength, balance exercises, cardiac adaptation, fatigue resistance, and more.

Among our equipments, our patients have access to a Balance Trainer, Rocher Cage and a specialized Therapeutical Gym.

  • Gimnasio
  • Balance Trainer
  • Jaula Rocher
  • Terapia Ocupacional
  • Simulaciones Didácticas
  • Trabajo Escolar
  • Motricidad Fina

Occupational Therapy

Develops abilities and skills for accomplishing daily activities such as eating, dressing up, self-cleaning among others. These methods help improve the movement capacity of their upper limbs. It also uses tools such as orthoses to correct postures.

Our facilities are designed to improve the independence of the patient, developing their abilities in everyday tasks, fine motricity, and ocular motricity. Also, we develop space adaptations for adequate access.

Speech Therapy

Focused on developing a comprehensive communicative skill, tailored to each patient´s capabilities. We provide tools to our patients so they are able to communicate with others. Speech Therapy corrects the orofacial muscular imbalance, speech and language disorders.

Our Speech Therapy area has all the necessary equipment to habilitate or rehabilitate our patient’s communication skills. As exercise materials, we use photographs, tastes, textures, as well as technology, depending on each patient’s needs.

  • terapia de lenguaje
  • Tecnología
  • Material Didáctico
  • Estimulación
  • Terapia Neuropsicológica
  • Imagen Especular
  • Trabajo en Equipo
  • Historias Pictogramas

Neuropsychological Therapy

We work on improving attention, memory, perception, rational thinking and psychomotricity with patients who have suffered brain injuries or neurodevelopmental disorders. In these therapy sessions, we also take into account behavioral and emotional skills.

Our staff of professionals uses top of the line evaluation tools and provides constant consultation to patients and their families.

Or work is based on the CIF manual (Clasificación Internacional de Funciones), an essential tool for the proper treatment of our patients not only taking in consideration their disability, but every single aspect of their lives.


We specialize in patients with:

  • Brain Palsy
  • Cerebrovascular accidents (Strokes)
  • Spinal Injuries
    • Neuromuscular disorders (Muscular dystrophy, muscular atrophy, multiple sclerosis)
    • Cranioencephalic trauma
    • And many other conditions


CTC (Continuos Therapy Center)

Provides most high quality therapies in one place:
-Physiotherapy -Speech Therapy -Cognitive Therapy -Swallow Therapy, and others, to help speed up the positive evolution of our patients as well as improving their quality of life.

CTP (Personalized Therapy Center)

We offer specific therapeutic sessions, depending on each patient’s needs and schedules.

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